10 Essential Oils for Relaxation

10 Essential Oils for Relaxation

Essential oils encourage us to take a deep breath, relax our bodies and notice the beauty around us. These are my top 10 essential oils to keep on hand to help freshen up the house or to unwind after a rough day.

Some of my favorite methods of application include diffusers, many bath and body products and spa therapy. Being pampered is always uplifting! 

I hope you enjoy these essential oils as much as I do.


Chamomile Flowers and Tea

Chamomile - Reduces stress and tension while promoting peace.



Clary Sage Flower

Clary Sage - Inspires a sense of euphoria, reduces emotional stress, and is slightly intoxicating.



Geranium Flowers

Geranium - This delicate flora scent is uplifting, calming and balancing.



Pink Grapefruit

Grapefruit - Inspires a sense of euphoria. 


 Mountain Rose Herbs Essential Oils

Dried Lavender Buds

Lavender -  A classic flora scent that is calming, brings emotional warmth while easing loneliness and encouraging self-reflection.



Lemons on Trees

Lemon - A fresh and clean scent that adds a bright pep to your step.



Patchouli leaves and flowers

Patchouli - A rejuvenating and earthy scent that inspires peace of mind.



Peppermint leaves and flowers

Peppermint - Sometimes relaxing is just about snapping out of negative thoughts. The high menthol content is cooling and sedative. 




Sandalwood - A sweet and woody scent that tends to be grounding and induce inner quiet.



Ylang Ylang flower

Ylang Ylang -  A sultry, divine and delicate aroma that can soothe anger, inspire euphoria and be an aphrodisiac! 

Many of these essential oils are included in Calendula Bath and Home products. Add a few to your daily routine to enjoy an uplifting aromatherapy session every day.

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